Bird Song Retreat Startup Funding: Recovery for Sex-Trafficked Women & their Children in Louisiana (ongoing)

June 10, 2004, the Lord deposited something into my spirit…..a ministry to hurting and sexually abused women. I had already ministered to such women when I started into full time ministry in 2000 – 2001 in New Orleans where I was the director of a half way house for prostitutes and hard core addicts. I have ministered to many women in the churches who are just as abused but conceal their brokenness.  I already have another non-profit ministry to the poor called Grace Place Ministries….a soup kitchen to feed and clothes closet to clothe the less fortunate. So, I wasn’t looking for anything else to be on my plate….but deep in my soul I know that this is my destiny!  

I have been waiting a long time to birth this ministry and I believe that now is the time. This ministry is called Bird Song. Bird Song is a safe and secure place for women and their children to live at for up to 18 months in their own individual cottages in a beautiful country setting.  Women who have been rescued from sex trafficking or who have been caught up into prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse of any kind.  It is a place to help these women to gain education, job skills training and employment so that they can lead productive lives for themselves and their children.

These women will be sent to Bird Song after they have graduated from a detox and drug rehab and also from one or two ministry seasons such as Teen Challenge. I have visited several ministries and have been told that once these women graduate from their ministry that they have no place to go.  Some of the women actually go back into the life that they desperately tried to get out of simply because they have no where else to go and have no skills to get a job so that they can provide for their children and themselves. Bird Song is like a graduate school to apply the finishing touches before they get out into the “real world”.  They will be in some type of schooling or employment in order to stay.  

After the 18 months, we will help them find a home, employment, a car  and come alongside them in this new life that they are beginning!!  A new beginning with hope for a future!! (Jeremiah 29:11)

Bird Song is a place for an army of women….”spiritual mothers” from area churches to have the opportunity to share their wisdom and train these women in how to be mothers, how to cook and how to budget their income. Women coming alongside women to encourage and mentor and guide. We have all experienced storms in our lives but women who have been sold into human trafficking and specifically sex trafficking have experienced hurricanes!!  

We have opportunities to minister unconditional and non judgmental love to these victims and to see them thru Jesus’ eyes….God’s value system!  We have the opportunity to be the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) and welcome home the Prodigal daughters (Luke 15:1-32) We can no longer look the other way!  

God is shining His light on the horrendous degradation of sex trafficking which is all around us!  It’s time for us….the Church…. to do something to restore these precious women and children to healing and wholeness….to remove the guilt and shame off of them  and most of all to lead them to the Father Who loves them with an everlasting love! I need your help!!  

What an awesome opportunity we have to make a difference in precious lives!!

Rhonda Grace, Founder/CEO

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